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The most of our albums are available at iTunes!

    • How Green Is The Valley
    • Waiting For Bonaparte
    • Domino Club
    • Smugglers & Bounty Hunters
Individual tracks are only 79 pence!

PJB & TWK - Baby Fishlips
First Edition, Odgers & Simmonds recording as Preacher Jethro Brimstone & The Watermelon Kid. Second edition is still available here, also for download).
CD £ 10

Swill and the Swaggerband - The Day After
See discography for details, check also the music section. This CD is also available for download - click here.
CD £ 10

Swill and the Swaggerband - Welcome to Wonderland
This collection presents a selection of 14 tracks taken from the Swill & The Swaggerband EP’s and albums recorded between 2004 and 2006. The recording style is no frills and energetic and is made up of live performances in the recording studio. See news section for track listing.
CD £ 10

Swill & the Swaggerband - Elvis Lives Here
Their second album contains 11 tracks
CD £ 10 Sold out

Swill and the Swaggerband - Doh, Ray, Me-Me-Me-Me-Me
EP contains 7 tracks. 
This CD is also available for download - click here.
CD £ 7 Sold out

Phil Odgers - Sunday Morning Coming Down EP
Swill's latest EP contains 5 tracks. More infos in the news section.
CD £ 5

Phil Odgers - The Godforsaken Voyage
Swill's latest Album contains 10 tracks.
CD £ 10

Phil Odgers - Christmas in Prison EP
EP contains 5 tracks. See news section for details.
CD £ 5

TMTCH - 25 Years Anniversary
DVD contains the full anniversary gig and encores, interviews with band and audience, photo gallery and 5 bonus video’s including rare promo’s for The Colours and Rain Steam and Speed.
DVD £ 10

TMTCH - 5 Go Mad on the Other Side
Double-CD contains 20 tracks. See news section for details.
CD £ 15 Sold out

TMTCH - Demos & Rarities Vol. 1
Featuring alternate versions of songs from the Silvertown and Domino Club era.
CD £ 10 Sold out

TMTCH - Demos & Rarities Vol. 2
Features unreleased demo's of songs from '85 to '90 including 3 songs that never got past the demo stage & original demo version of 'Shirt Of Blue'. 8 page CD booklet with early photo's and lyrics to 3 never before released songs.
CD £ 10

TMTCH - The Cherry Red Jukebox
Includes Singing Elvis, Highwater, Silver Gun and much more. A bargain.
CD £ 10 Sold out

TMTCH - How Green is the Valley
Limited copies of the highly acclaimed TMTCH album available. Recorded in 1986 these tunes sound as lively as ever.
CD £ 10 Sold out

TMTCH - Never Born to Follow
Including The Eye, Contenders, Our Day and much more
CD £ 10

TMTCH - Silver Town
re-release with six bonus tracks!
CD £ 10

TMTCH - Domino Club
re-release with three bonus tracks!
CD £ 10

TMTCH - Waiting for Bonaparte
Including The Colous, Smugglers, Bounty Hunter and much more.
CD £ 10

TMTCH - The Defiant
Our latest release. See news section for details.
CD £ 12

TMTCH - Night Of 1000 Candles
Glorious first album from The Men They Couldn't Hang. Released in 1985 on Demon Records. This is where it all started, where Iron Master, Greenfields of France, Walkin' Talkin', Scarlet Ribbons, Night to Remember and many more made their first appearance. A classic CD and essential part of any 'Rawhides' collection.
CD £ 10

A Bag Of Songs – By Paul Simmonds
This book by Paul Simmonds contains a personal selection of 50 songs with lyrics, chords and commentary.
Book £ 10 Sold out

TMTCH - Bottle Openers/Key Rings
Open you beer in style with these cool bottle openers!!
£ 3 Sold out

TMTCH - Badges (set of 2)
Stand out from the crowd wih these ace button badges. TMTCH 'classic' square logo and hatted skull.
£ 1 Sold out

TMTCH - Mouse Mats
For a limited time only we are offering these mousemats which feature the photo of the band queing to use a phone booth in the former GDR/DDR way back in the days before unification - or mobile phones!!! When telephone bills replace bottle of Pills.
£ 6


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